Bill BellamyI'm originally from Fresno, California. I was adopted into a foster family and grew up there. After finishing high school, I worked at a local Fresno radio station as an overnight DJ. For late-night kicks, I would try to get girls to call in and request the song, "Me So Horny." While attending college, I also started performing stand-up comedy at the country music bars and comedy clubs in the area.

While still a teen-ager, I moved to San Jose, California for a job at the theme park, "Marriot's Great America." I had to entertain the people waiting in those long lines for the rides. There wasn't a microphone or speakers, and my punchlines were usually drowned out by the ride going around at 90 mph. Talk about a tough gig!!

After that roller coaster ride, I moved to San Diego, California for a couple of years. I continued to work on my stand-up comedy career by performing at the comedy clubs there. While living in San Diego, I landed my first national commercial for Miller Beer.

Then I made the leap to Los Angeles. I have been on many television shows since making the move here. I'm most proud of being on, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Jay was really cool and down-to-earth. I have also been on the BET network show, "Comic View" a bunch of times. I was a regular player on BET's variety show, "The Way We Do It." I appeared on Galavision's popular show, "Que Locos" a couple of times. I also performed on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend." My first big break was being on Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival." Recently, I filmed a movie that stars Master P. and his son L'il Romeo entitled, "Uncle P." I will also be in the upcoming motion picture "Be Cool" with John Travolta. It is the sequel to "Get Shorty."

On the personal side, I have been married since 1997 to my wife Genie. (Sorry Ladies.) Don't worry, even though I'm known as the "Rooster,"I will try not to get "Henpecked."We currently don't have any "Baby Chicks" to ruffle our feathers right now.





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