Anjelah JohnsonAndrew Dice Clay made a career out of being the most outrageous comic of his time. Before Chappelle, before South Park, Dice was shocking audiences - breaking the rules with a never-before-seen style of hardcore comedy.

His rise to fame was meteoric - with sold-out arenas, platinum albums, and starring roles in films and TV specials. His fall was just as epic- blackballed by the industry and becoming the man to hate by every PC group in the country.

He calls himself the Rocky of Comedy, and now this heavyweight king of comedy is coming out of retirement to train for the greatest career move yet.

Most recently, audiences saw Dice's controversial macho image collides with Andrew's real family life in the VH1 series DICE DISPUTED. The show was crafted around the highs and lows of Dice's personal and professional life as he fights to get back on top. It was an exciting and exhausting process that we portrayed the man behind all the limericks and leather in a fight all his own. Andrew’s a devoted father of two teenage, rocker sons (11 and 16) dealing with a broken marriage and the challenges of middle age. Then there is fiancée Eleanor (Dice got engaged while he was still married, naturally) who is now realizing what she's gotten herself into.

Currently, the one thing that is keeping Andrew busy is his MySpace Page. By writing a daily blog which is called “This is the Dice Dream,” Andrew has found the perfect vehicle for himself. And like DICE UNDISPUTED, Andrew’s MySpace Page is ‘unbelievable’ forum to show people “The Real Bad Boy Comedy,” but this time, completely uncensored.” Andrew has announced “I’m gonna shake up the world again! I am going to be the Internet Idol.”

And it looks like the users of MySpace simply can not enough of the Dice Man. Since launching his MySpace page less than a month and half ago, the numbers have been staggering. Dice’s Blog has been ranked among the “Top 10 Celebrity Blogs” on MySpace over 20 times so far. Dice is averaging 2,000 unique visitors to his MySpace page and to date; he has added 8,000 friends and continues to add over 250 new friends a day.

In the midst of it all, Dice is attempting what no comic has ever tried - to perform to a sell-out crowd in Giants Stadium. He’s pulling out all the stops --- it's a tough road, but he wouldn't have it any other way.






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