The first thing a fly on the wall at a Bobby Collins show would notice is that half the audience is reciting parts of Bobby’s act from memory. Fans for years, these folks have seen him on TV and live before. Many of the “newbies” are there because they’ve heard him on satellite radio or have been exposed to the tremendous word of mouth that sells out his shows or have been given his CDs by a member of his enthusiastic fan base. They are longing to see him in person and in action. . . and action is what they get.

Bobby is a storyteller. His heartfelt humor engages audiences with a hilarious blend of characterizations and spot on observations to which everyone can relate. Unlike many comedians, who rely solely upon the clever use of words and ideas to engage an audience, from the moment Bobby hits the stage, he lassoes the crowd and pulls them ever closer to him while they cry from laughter. Even the hardcore “I usually don’t laugh at comedian” types, cannot help but surrender to his energy and visual antics targeted directly at tickling their funny bones. It also doesn’t hurt that Bobby is more eye candy than Quasimoto.

Bobby is a force of nature. Funny is funny and Bobby is funny. Bobby shows people themselves. He holds up a mirror to each of us and helps us not to take ourselves so seriously.

Bobby is the kind of guy you’d love to have as your friend, the guy you’d want to have on your team because you know Bobby would “cover your back.” He’s equally at home standing in the Rose Garden at the White House, golfing with Joe Montana and other NFL greats, shooting an impromptu episode of Airline while traveling on Southwest and kibbutzing with the tellers at the bank.

Not everyone has charisma. Not everyone leaves you better off than they found you. Bobby has “it” and gives “it” to you.

Early in his career Bobby accepted the baton from Rosie O’Donnell when she left VH-1’s Stand Up Spotlight. With several cable comedy specials to his credit, Bobby has toured with Cher, Julio Iglesias (to whom Bobby offers competition only with the ladies, not as a singing sensation), Dolly Parton and Tony Bennett, to name only a few.

Topping Bobby’s first comedy CD “On the Inside”, his second and third CDs “Out of Bounds” and “I Wanna Go Home” were submitted for Grammy consideration. With live stage performances, feature film roles and talk show appearances too numerous to mention, there is no excuse for anyone to leave the planet without having benefited from exposure to Bobby’s brand of “Laughter as the Best Medicine”.





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